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Commercial Laundry

WashClub Miami picks up and delivers laundry and dry cleaning for businesses. Our modern facility can handle your particular needs and is open around the clock.

We can effectively process “light” commercial laundry for all size businesses. Sheets, towels, linens, etc. are not a problem. We do not accept anything with a lot of grease, heavily soiled or that is infested.

We are available to service the following:

  • University, Colleges & Schools
  • Salons & Spas
  • Health Clubs
  • Medical Offices
  • County Clubs
  • Assisted Living Facilities

WashClub Miami can set up your commercial account on a regular pick and delivery schedule or on an as-needed basis. Call us at (305) 676-9668 or email us at to discuss how we can fulfill your needs.